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From Jan 1, non-Malaysians and non-Singaporeans can rent HDB flats for maximum 2 years


THE maximum tenancy period for people who are neither Malaysia nor Singapore citizens renting a Housing Board flat or bedroom in Singapore is set to increase.

The current maximum period is one and a half years, but from Jan 1 it will be increased to two years, said a HDB statement on Tuesday. The revised tenancy period only applies to flat owners whose applications in this category reach HDB on or after Jan 1.

"This revision will give flat owners greater flexibility to secure a longer tenancy period with non-citizen tenants who may have work or immigration passes that are valid for a longer period of two years," HDB said in the statement.

For cases where all tenants are Singapore citizens, Malaysians, or both, the maximum tenancy period remains unchanged at three years.

Those currently renting out to non-Malaysians and non-Singaporeans with HDB approval will be allowed to continue doing so for the remaining approved duration, added HDB.

Adapted from The Business Times


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